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Michigan's Only FREE Texas Holdem Tour

West Michigan's Only Free Texas Hold Em Tour is coming to a Bar/Restaurant near you.  Come out to any of our rapidly growing list of participating locations and play for FREE!.

Here is how it works:

  • Come in to one of the participating MiTexasHoldem.com locations and get 5,000 in chips to start each game.
  • Purchase a 1 year Membership ($10) and receive an extra 500 chips.
  • As a Member every time you order food during the game you will get a 10% discount (at participating locations) and you will get an additional 500 chips.
  • Also as a Member you can purchase MiTexasHoldem.com Shwag and receive another additional 500 chips for each item you are wearing during that event.
  • The winner of each game receives 10,000 points for their first game won and 2,000 points for every win after there that, 2nd place will be awarded 1000 points and 3rd place will receive 500. These points will go towards how much in chips they will have to play with for the final TAX DAY TEXAS HOLD EM tournament of Champions, where players will compete for trophies and other fun prizes.
  • The top 10 point earners will automatically qualify for the Big Game  and their chance at the top prizes.
  • All others who have placed at least 1 game in the top 3 and having 1,000 points can enter into the qualifying elimination tournament with the goal of winning a seat in the final round.
  • The final round will consist of 2 tables of 12 people who will compete to occupy the 11th and 12th spots in the Big Game. Every person in the final round will each be given 5000 chips and compete until there is only 1 left per table and can buy into the Big Game with 60,000 chips plus 1 chip per point they arrived at the tournament holding.
  • All who enter the qualifying tournament but fail to qualify for the Big Game will be entered into a Wild Card Drawing to become the LUCKY # 13 and win a seat in the Big Game and will buy in with an equal number of chips as the lowest Big Game qualifier is holding. 

So if you love to play cards, come out with your friends or come all by yourself for a FREE and fun competition.

Come in as many nights as you can to increase your chances of winning a seat at the Big Game. Locations and times listed HERE.


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