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Home March 4 Grand Tournament
March 4th Grand Tournament
March 4th Grand Tournament Qualification Tour

The 2012 Winter Qualifier tour will earn you the points you need to be in the top 10 point earner and automatically qualify for the March 4th Grand Tournament and take home great prizes all the way. Beer mirrors, hats, shirts, jackets, poker supplies and more could be won each and every night by the nightly winners.

If you are the high point holder for the month you will win what could end up being the Biggest and Best Prize of them all, the dream of every Texas Hold 'Em Poker Player in the world; A chance to win a FREE $10,000 BUY IN for the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. What a Prize!

But back to planet Earth, we have great prizes lined up for this Premier season of the FREE Michigan Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tour. Tournament prises are so far:

  • Stay-N-Play Pakages at Little River Casino, including meals, Gaming Credits and Voucher for the gift shop.
  • Meal and Gaming Credits at Gun Lake Casino
  • Home Poker supplies and so much more

So make Mi Texas Hold 'Em your date every night and load up on the points so you can score big on the bountiful prizes we are working hard to bring you as a Player.

Don't Forget to ask the Pit Boss about Purchasing your $10 Tournament Players Card so you can score 500 in extra chips every game all tour long and qualify to score an extra 500 Chips for each purchase from the kitchen the night of the Tour.

Come out and play, we know you wanna! If you tell me you don't you are BLUFFING!

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