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Tax Day Texas Hold em Tournament

Tax Day Texas Hold em Tournament

Tell the IRS that you are busy and that they will need to wait another day because you got plans for APRIL 15th and it is nothing to do with the IRS or Taxes because the “E” and the “A” are in the wrong place. There are no Taxes, hold em, you’re playing TEXAS Hold Em!

Sign up on our site and set up your gamblers profile so you can win big. Sign up today for the 1st annual FREE Texas Hold Em Tour. This six week Free Tour starts on the 5th of March ending on the 14th April with our Final Grand Tournament on Sunday April 15th.

This six week tour allows you the player to acquire points during nightly tour play. Scoring 10,000 points with your first win and 2,000 points for every other win. You will also get 1,000 points for 2nd and 500 points for 3rd place finish. There will also be gifts, goodies and give-a -way’s every night so come in and claim your fair share.

We will have everything you need to play a great game of Texas Holed em including professional dealers to make your gaming experience as smooth and fulfilling as we can. Bring your buddies, your brother in law and your Grand Mothers Nurse, even ask your Insurance agent, he like to gamble, at least with us here its free. Stay posted as we announce the Schedule and participating locations.

The ho ho ho had to go go go!

The Christmas holiday has past and I hope you all had a great time and Santa was good to you. Now it is back to a more serious event Texas Hold Em Poker! Ready? We have one more bonus week here tomorrow and you can get extra points before the tournament starts officially on the 1st of the year.

Come on down to the MUZE Wed @ 8:00 and get in on some free Texas Hold Em poker and some fun Karaoke when the poker is done.

We have had a great turn out and we hope to build on that every week. Come in and win some great prizes, score some points for the final tournament and just have a hell of a great time meeting some new folks and playing poker.

See you tonight @ 8pm


Another great showing

We had a full table for Wednesdays event and should have even a bigger turn out.

We had fun and got in 2 really strong games with 2 different winners. Both winners won their first match and scored 10,000 points. One of them took second place in the second heat as well as winning the first heat and she is now the tour points leader.

Our next event is next Wednesday and we hope to see you all there. MiTexasholdem.com is your place for FREE Texas Hold Em poker.

If you are a bar owner, manager or employee give us a call and get us in to your establishment and we will bring your patrons a fun filled time playing Free Texas Hold Em poker for prizes and qualifying points for the final tournament on March 4th.

Christmas is coming and so is Texas Holdem Poker

Christmas is coming soon and then comes the new year and what better for the new year than to play some FREE Texas Hold em poker to unwind and relax. What better time than Wed @ The Muze 7:30 to 10 pm followed by Karaoke or Friday @ Teazers 7:30 to 10 pm followed by DJ VJJ.

We hope to see you. Come win some great prizes and get your tournament points for the big game on March 4th.

Another great time.
Written by Pit Boss   
Saturday, 17 December 2011 21:23

Another great time last night at Teazer's Bar in down town Grand Rapids. We had double the turn out from Wed night and had a great time playing poker.

How about you all come to join us next Wed night at 8pm at the MUZE on Alpine and 4 mile. Come play Texas Hold Em poker for a few hours and then follow it up with Karaoke.

Get in on the tour and win some great fun prizes. We are playing for hats and T shirts Wed as well as points for the final Tournament on March 4th. Dont be shy come out and bluff your way to free stuff and tons of fun.

What a great kick off.
Written by Pit Boss   
Thursday, 15 December 2011 05:32

The kick off went deep and and the return went to mid field. We kicked off the Michigan Texas Hold Em tour and it went great. We played two heats and had two first time winners to get us rolling.

What fun, we had four people playing for almost 3 hours. We had several all in pots and some real great hands but what we missed was you, don't let that happen again.

Don't miss next week Wed at The MUZE or this Friday at Teazers 8pm to 10pm for the FREE Michigan Texas Hold Em poker tour.

See ya next time.


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